Ditch your boring brand and build one that converts your ideal client 

in just one day!

You know your online representation isn't doing you justice and you're losing clients to competition because of it (missed opportunities are the worst!). In just one day we can turn your brand around and finally get you the recognition you deserve.

You know you need an overhaul, and want it done, like, yesterday.

You're a pro at what you do, but you also know that taking your own photos or designing your own website is either not in your wheelhouse or you simply can't see your own brand.  Let us do what we do best, so you can sit back and do what you do best. 

You want to look like the pro that you are, but you just don't know how!

You're still trying to navigate what it's like to be a new business owner, or have yet to even launch, and with all that goes into those early years of business curating a great brand just isn't something you've had time for.

You have what it takes, and don't want to waste any more time.

is this for you?

Hold up! Wait a minute...

This one day will completely transform how your potential clients see your business. This experience is not your momma's template and headshot combo, and your brand shouldn't feel like it either. You'll bring in clients you never knew you could. This could be your moment. Don't pass it up.

This brand intensive gets your NEW website, branding, and gorgeous images launched in ONE DAY. You’ll save months worth of time & thousands of dollars to quickly get your brand in front of your ideal client. Together, we’ll work side by side to get real-time feedback from you as we execute your perfect brand & capture just the right images.

At the end of the day, it’s time to pop the bubbly & celebrate as we launch your new brand into the world! Keep reading for more details of what’s included!

so, what the heck is this?

our work

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join us for a
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* 6-Part Brand assessment to refine your message and brand vibe
* New custom primary and secondary logo workmarks made with your ideal client in mind. 
*  Color Palette and Font Selections
* "Coming Soon!" page set up 3-4 days in advance
* Choose from any of Kaleigh's Showit templates & get a FULL Revamp to match your brand!
* On-the-spot collaboration to ensure that your website and brand are EXACTLY what you've been dreaming of. 
* Implementation of your new brand images
* Website launch and Wordpress blog setup!

customized brand and website

*  Pre-shoot design planning & direction
*  Imagery of brand collateral, products, and curated layflats
*  Modern headshots that represent you & your brand
*  3-5 outfits/looks
*  Wardrobe consultation
*  Personalized social media strategy & coaching session
*  Implementation of new images onto your website in the same day
*  On-the-spot collaboration to ensure that your images & all brand elements are cohesive!

Brand photos and social media strategy

what's included

We’re conveniently located just 15 miles from the Cincinnati airport & 2 miles from downtown Cincy. Once you schedule your time with us, we’ll send over a travel guide to make sure you know where the best accommodations, sights, and (of course!) restaurants are in the city we call home!

All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), a champagne toast at the end of the day to celebrate your launch, and some fun surprises are all included in your makeover day!

a note

brand photographer and Strategist

amanda donaho

brand stylist and web designer

kaleigh turner

With a combined experience of 26 years & the operation of 4 successful businesses within that time, we’ve been in your shoes! We want to help you avoid the faux paus we experienced early on & get you on the path to profitability in no time!

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hey sis

brand stylist and web designer

click to meet kaleigh

I help business owners better understand what they have to offer their clients as well as represent that visually to their audience. Utilizing my experience as a fellow entrepreneur, professional photographer, and brand coach I help small businesses move to the next level. 

Additionally, I love bringing others together through masterminds & domestic & international retreats to find inspiration & creativity. 

I'm also a mom to 4 & have learned to juggle the needs of a family along with running a business.  I'm passionate about helping all small business owners, but especially women. I love helping female business owners find success that they didn't know was possible for themselves & break past the physical & mental barriers society has built around us.

brand photographer and strategist



See Amanda's work HERE or view her full website HERE!

brand photographer & strategist

click to meet amanda

I’m Kaleigh, I'm a brand stylist, creative director, brand and design educator and coach, a Showit Design Partner, wedding photographer, travel lover, and a wife and momma of 3. My main goal as your designer is to help you see the full potential of your brand and then tell your story the way it's meant to be told. 

I'm a firm believer in paying attention to the things that ignite a spark in you because they are not by chance...they are connected to your purpose. Putting that spark to pen and paper, and then to design and website, for you is what ignites a spark in me.

Knowing two sides of the spectrum (both designer & wedding photographer), I know how discouraging it can feel to begin the search for a designer that can capture your business's vibe. My goal is to bring your story to life in a way that that feels 100% authentic!

brand stylist and web designer



See Kaleigh's work HERE or view her full website HERE!

photography genius

experience curator

sees the big picture

kick-ya-in-the-pants business coach

design & Branding master

technical brainiac

sees the details

tells-ya-like-it-is creative Boss

turns your ideas into reality

turns your dreams into reality



the perfect team

what we bring to the table

We're more than just experts in our fields, we make one heck of a team. Bringing our own unique set of skills to the table, we work together to make sure every angle of your new brand is a total knock-out.

invest in yo'self

the investment

invest in yo'self before you wreck yo'self


All of these amazing services are $12,000+ individually, and take up  2-3 months of your life. You could miss out on so much potential or you could get all of this brand goodness in a complete one-day brand makeover.  There is a $1200 non-refundable deposit and we have payment plans available!

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Staying consistent with your brand can take some time, so think of one of Kaleigh's coaching sessions as a way to check in.  Keep yourself on track!

Further Coaching with Kaleigh $300-$500

We've teamed up with our friend Mat at Vivid Wedding Videos! You've seen those fun clips of people in their happy-work-place-zone on their websites and have always wanted one. Now you can. Price depends on the length/editing/cuts.

Videography $500-$1200

Kaleigh will give you a basic rundown of how your site works once it's launched, but knowing how change things yourself is a game changer.  This in-depth course is 2 hours long and can be done in person or via Zoom.

In-Depth Showit Tutorial - $400

Bring your staff or additional team members along to your makeover!  We will get both individual headshots and group photos to ensure your whole team gets the love they deserve. 

Team Photos $150+

Need another set of eyes, a brainstorming partner, or just some tough business love? Amanda's coaching sessions are like the boost you didn't know you needed.

Further Coaching with Amanda $250-$700

Want to look like the model babe you are but just don't have the time? A professional makeup artist will come to our studio and glam you up. 

Glam $130

Our Brand Makeover includes a primary logo and secondary logo, but upgrade to a full package and receive two additional variations, two brand patterns, hand-drawn elements, and a full identity guide to complete your logo suite.

Full Logo Package $800

Amanda will do your session in the studio, but if you have your own space or ideas that you want showcased, add on an additional location to level up your brand even more.

Off-Site Brand Photography $300+

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Love what's already included, but need a few more things to make your brand makeover a complete knockout? Check out these upgrades! Please contact us at onedaybrandmakeover@gmail.com to take advantage of one of these!

But, wait there's more!

what people are saying about us

client love

educator and blogger

babbling abby

Having worked with both Kaleigh and Amanda, I can attest to the quality of their work and immense talent that each of these women bring to their craft. They are committed to understanding the unique needs of their clients, and the end product will showcase the personality and vision behind your brand, blended with their eyes for design and composition.  You can be confident in knowing that they will guide and support you through the process, and you will finish a satisfied customer with a stunning site, gorgeous photographs, savvy business advice, and two new friends.

wedding & event venue

mojave east

Our wedding venue needed it all:  A look, a brand, a style, a vision. Without hesitation, we hired Kaleigh and Amanda to bring this to life.  Kaleigh created a stunning website and branding that perfectly fit our vision, which allowed us to attract clients before we ever even opened our doors.  Amanda provided stunning imagery of both our space, as well beautiful portraits of us to put a face to our business. Whether you're building a new brand or redesigning an existing one, Amanda and Kaleigh blend their talents together cohesively and seamlessly to produce a product that will take your venture to the next level! 

There isn't one. But just in case you still have a few lingering questions, here's a some FAQ's that should clear things up a bit. If you still have questions after reading through these, shoot us an email onedaybrandmakeover@gmail.com

frequently asked questions

So, what's the catch?

I sell stuff, can I add on a shop? What about ad implementation?

Absolutely! Please contact us at onedaybrandmakeover@gmail.com for pricing and information on e-commerce websites and ad implementation (restrictions apply on ad implementation).  Also, please note, sites that require e-commerce or ads will take longer than the one day.  The main website will be set up at your One Day Brand Makeover, and the e-commerce and ad implementation will be taken care of follow your site launch.  


What is Showit? Is the subscription included in the makeover?

Showit is an AH-MAZ-ING drag and drop website platform that makes it so easy to not only design easily, but to make changes later if you want - your website is 100% customizable.  The subscription is NOT included in your One Day Brand Makeover, but it's easy to sign up over at https://showit.co.  They will become your new hosting platform, so their subscription covers all the goods. Don't worry, I'll take care of your launch the day of your makeover! 


What if I'm not a Showit subscriber already?

No worries at all! I'll walk you through how to sign up over at https://www.showit.co.  Also note, in order to get your site launched the day of your makeover, Kaleigh will set up a "Coming Soon!" page for you at your URL in the week leading up to your makeover to make this process seamless!


Because we're starting with a template, how customized will this be?

Kaleigh designs in a platform called Showit, which is a drag-and-drop, completely customizable website platform - meaning, your site will start out as a template, but end up 100% customized to you and your new brand! She'll help you with color selections, font choices, and collaborate with you in real time to make sure it's the site you've always dreamed of.


I blog a lot and want blog features showcased on every page, is that possible?

Yes!! Showit blogs are powered by Wordpress, so all the pretty stuff is designed in Showit, and then your blogging will be done in Wordpress via a log in Showit provides to you (if you don't already have one).  With Showit's design acumen, and WP's plugin and widget features, the creative possibilities are endless! 


How is branding photography different than a typical headshot?

In our image dominated world of Instagram & the like, photos are king. Having imagery that is branded toward your unique business is crucial to stand out among the crowd. Using the curated collection of photos we create together, your brand will immediately be elevated from your competition that’s clearly using stock imagery. Additionally, getting photos of yourself in a more natural environment working, laughing (doing more than your average headshot) in front of your potential clients helps create trust before you’ve even met!


How many images will I receive?

Our goal is to send you home with a folder packed full of images to use not just on your (gorgeous) new website, but also to pull from to use as needed in social media content. We do not limit the number of images we deliver, but you can expect to walk away with at least 150+ photos all about you & your rockin’ new brand.


You mention shooting collateral or products, what if I’m a service based business with no goods?

That’s a-okay! You’ll work with Amanda in the week leading up to your shoot by filling out questionnaires to help her deep dive into your business & understand your clientele better. With that information at the helm, Amanda will pull various pieces together to make sure you have imagery to use that conveys your brand messaging & showcases your service in unique ways.


Where will my photos be taken?

Everything will happen in our studio, streaming with natural light & sharp white walls. The beauty of this space is that we can make it whatever we want! In the week leading up to the makeover, Amanda will brainstorm the best way to showcase your unique brand within the studio. Want to add on another location to mix things up? No problem! Hop over to the Add-On section to include an extra location in your makeover!


Where will my brand makeover take place?

Everything will happen in our studio! This all white space is private and spacious giving us ample space to work and get things done. You'll also have no worries about anyone bothering us - we'll have the entire space to ourselves for the duration of your makeover!


Wait, will my website really go live that very day?!

Yes! After your branding images are done, Amanda will be editing your images on-site and uploading them as Kaleigh is designing the website.  We'll be working side-by-side all day to get real-time feedback from you and knock this out on the spot. At the end of the day, we'll hit the publish button together, and then pop the bubbly to celebrate!


I'm traveling in from out of town. Where should I stay?

We’re conveniently located just 15 miles from the Cincinnati airport & 2 miles from downtown Cincy. Once you schedule your time with us, we’ll send over a travel guide to make sure you know where the best accommodations, sights, and (of course!) restaurants are in the city we call home! For reference, here are some great info and fabulous lodging options:

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Cincinnati Midtown - Just 1 mile from our studio

*  Over the Rhine is only 2.5 miles from our studio & is packed with some of the best restaurants Cincinnati has to offer & great night life. Grab an Airbnb like one of these & explore the Queen City while you’re in town!  



What is the payment schedule?

The non-refundable retainer of $1200 is required to reserve your place in our calendar for your One-Day Makeover (we take a limited number of clients to ensure the best experience possible and don't book anyone else on your day).  

While the remaining balance is due one week prior to the makeover, we're happy to break up your remaining balance into payments if there is a duration of time between when you schedule and your actual makeover day.


What kind of things will I need to do prepare?

You'll receive welcome info, questionnaires, and a thorough walk-through in the weeks leading up to your makeover.  Kaleigh and Amanda each have questionnaires related to their process that you'll need to fill out, we'll share a Pinterest board of ideas, and get right to work.  Don't worry, you'll get help from us each and every step of the way!


What styles or vibes do you design/photograph?

Girl, everything!! We've worked with so many different styles and vibes over the years, not only have we seen it all, we welcome it. With 12 years of experience for Kaleigh, and 14 for Amanda, we've adapted the ability to visualize brands from every facet and come up with a plan of direction that's best for their vibe and ideal clients in mind. 


yass queen, book my brand makeover now!

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